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Hey, I'm Mads!

My experience in purchasing this gorgeous jumper from MFA was nothing short of perfect. From putting in my order to receiving this in the mail was so easy. I am so happy with the size, quality and design. I have washed this several times already and it’s just perfect. I love supporting small businesses and I highly recommend everyone to look at this website. So many amazing items to purchase. The love that she has been put into these designs is amazing. I wear this jumper with pride and love knowing I have helped out someone’s dream. Love from your Happy Customer K.

Kerry, 2021

So friendly, so quick, so happy with the the product! Love seeing the promotion of self care and self love ❤

Steph, 2021

Madeline gave me more time than I paid for! I had so many questions!! Madeline was extremely patient and was able to deliver images that were beyond my expectation. Thank you Madeline!

Kelly, 2021